Pet Comfort Beds (R) new innovative design is "The Evolution Of The Pet Bed"  offering a functional pet bed with options to provide comfort for your pet.


Pet Comfort Beds unique patented design prevents bunching up of bedding and Pet Comfort Beds Pad Inserts allow customized plushness for added comfort. 


Pet Comfort Beds pocket bed design prevents bunching up by allowing the insertion of a crate tray pan inside the beds underneath pocket, using velcro closure to lock in place, which keeps the bed flat and discourages digging and chewing. The inserted tray pan provides added protection for carpets and flooring in case of accidents. 


Pet Comfort Beds Pad Inserts can be inserted inside the pocket bed to customize the plushness and thickness of the bed, perfect for aging pets who need added support, or be used separately as a pet comfort mat.  Pet Comfort Beds Pad Inserts can also be added to your existing pet bed to replace fill or customize the plushness to insure comfort for your pet.


Pet Comfort Beds are available in two styles. Pet Comfort Beds Pocket Bed has an outer plush edge which folds up when placed in a crate to form a bumper and when used outside a crate, the outer plush edges can lay flat for added comfort while also protecting baseboards when placed near a wall. Pet Comfort Beds Bolster Bed has an upright plush edge which surrounds the bed.  Pet Comfort Beds ultra plush design can be used with or without an added insert or inserted tray, offering options to insure comfort for your pet.


Pet Comfort Beds, Bolster Beds and Inserts are made of high quality soft durable ultrasuede and brushed cotton fabrics, plush snuggly polyester fill, fully machine washable and dryable for easy care, and are available in coordinating colors and four pet crate sizes to fit all pets. Visit our Store Page for our plush beds and squeek toys and our Size Chart Page for a perfect fit for your special pet.  


Free embroidered paw squeek toy with Pet Comfort Beds purchase! (Color will vary) 
Pet Comfort Beds and toys are pet tested and loved!

      New Patented Design


Pet Tested & Loved!


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